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Robin and I are in Cuba this week celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.

The beauty of Joint Ventures is that we can be away romping in the waves and our wonderful Members, Team, and Partners will continue the work that is so important for us all as Joint Venture partners. Thank you to these powerful, talented, and hardworking members for making a difference in our lives, the lives of other Members, and in the process enriching their own lives.

The DollarMakers Women’s Club meeting will be hosted by the enthusiasic Christine Till. Our special guest is Amber Noaks. She will have some great business ideas that you can implement on your own business.. Do not miss this opportunity!

The Dollarmakers Conferece call will be hosted by Christine and we will have Amber on the call that evening talking about barter and giving practical ideas and examples. Invite your friends to join you on this very informative topic.

Please support these ladies!

“Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.”

Robin and I recently presented the Financial Empowerment Seminar in Toronto. Before the lunch break the organizers handed out menus from the restaurant so people could order their lunch during the break.
It was with great interest that we watched people scrutinize the menus before placing their orders. It struck me that we often spend more time planning a meal than we do the rest of our lives.

Be Prepared:

1.Build your database, and build relationships with those in your database.
2.Build relationships with like-minded business owners who understand and use Joint Ventures.
3.Make sure you have built a good base in Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
4.Get yourself a solid website and Blog.
5.Start practising setting up lucrative Joint Ventures right away.
6.Start thinking outside the box, especially regarding barter.
7.Start reducing your risk.
8.Focusing on profit instead of only on sales. Joint Ventures all bring in 100% profit with little time or risk.
9.The Internet and Social Media have become a huge force in the world, and Joint Ventures allow us to utilize the Internet and Social Media to benefit financially.
The distribution and dissemination of useful, practical information via ebooks, Blogs, ezines, and websites is a huge benefit to business – IF they are used effectively.
10.Being a Member of DollarMakers allows us to reach into almost any part of the world where people wish to secure their financial future.
11.Educate yourself in the use of Joint Ventures. This new Joint Venture Training program is hot off the who wishes to secure their financial future.

Together, we can do amazing things!

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