Lets Fly a Kite

This year the mission of the DollarMakers Women’s Club is very different from last year.

Last year the focus was building the DollarMakers Women’s Club community. We travelled far and wide meeting wonderful new people and many of them joined the DollarMakers Women’s club.

This year my focus is on building success. We all have different goals and aspirations and my mission is to help you reach those goals.

In order to do that, we need to get serious about our business. It’s no good having lofty goals. Serious action is required if we want to become successful.

Imagine a kite. For a kite to fly it needs to be launched. Then as the wind tugs and pulls, a serious hold is necessary for the kite to fly. Should you let go of the kite it would fly away spin and tumble and fall to the ground.

The goal of the Dollarmakers Women’s club is to help you hold onto the kite and watch it soar. I believe without a supportive community it’s lonely out there.

Do you have staying power to keep the kite soaring? People give up so easily. In this world of instant gratification people move from group to group, ever seeking illusive success. Because they move on, they never really establish roots, and hope that the next group or the next fad of the month will give them the success they crave.

The DollarMakers Women’s Club serious about your success, and to help you achieve it we have the following in place:

Mebership at no cost!
We offer free membership. Help us build by inviting your friends.

The DollarMakers Women’s Club website. It gives you access to other like-minded people. It gives you the opportunity to post what you are looking for and what you have to offer. Members who are on the website have an advantage. Every time you update your profile, you go to the front of the line. That is, your profile is on the home page. Free advertising!

Conference calls
This gives you a wonderful opportunity to talk to other members from the comfort of your own home!

The newsletter is meant to motivate and educate you

Meetings and Seminars are the best way to learn about Joint Ventures as well as meet great people. For more information about a full day seminar for only $39, visit www.financialempowerment.ca

Affiliate Program
Have you signed up for our new DollarMakers Affiliate Program? Sign up here: www.dmaffiliates.com/dmidev
For every new Member that signs up through your affiliate link, you earn $50!

Be a Sponsor
Why not get great exposure for your business and JV’s by Sponsoring the Financial Empowerment full day seminars in Feb – Vancouver Feb 19, Toronto Feb 26. Sponsors, grab your spot – only two left – $250 includes a table, two tickets, your logo ‘n link on the new website, and your flyers / brochures distributed to all the attendees. Contact me direct if you wish to sponsor: rika@dollarmakers.com. We reserve the right of refusal. Sign up here: www.financialempowerment.ca

Lets make 2011 the best year ever. Together, we do amazing things!


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