From the Kitchen to the Boardroom.

It is a well-know fact that the number of businesses owned by women is on the rise. Another interesting fact is that many women prefer service-based businesses.
Although businesses owned by women have been on the increase for more than ten years, in a majority of the cases the income the ladies earned from their businesses falls far short of what the men are earning. It is a sad fact that some of the women-owned businesses are not producing nearly the revenue of their male counterparts.
Women who make the choice to stay at home to raise their families are well aware of the financial cost. To her, the benefits of staying at home and raising her family far outweighs the loss of income.
An interesting observation is that 75% of women entrepreneurs were Stay- At-Home-Mom’s running a business in their spare time while raising a family. Once the kids grow up many of these women will move on to something else.
We’ve seen the rise of women entrepreneurs over the past decade. Think of Martha Stewart. She built a business starting from the kitchen in her own home.
While writing this article I picked up my local newspaper. I was very impressed with Tara McIntosh and her colum in the Tri City News.
She stated, “According to, Stay-At-Home-Moms come up with some pretty savvy business ideas while they fold laundry, and they crank out at least 424 new enterprises every day: the Baby Einstein Videos, the One Minute Manicure, Mother’s Work Inc. (a maternity wear empire), Jean Pare’s Company’s Coming Cookbooks, Mrs. Fields Cookies, or a couple of book series you may have heard of ; ‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter.’”
“When the kids were older,” Tara McIntosh continues, “these same women went on to become realtors, speakers, authors, business owners, and teachers.”
No matter where you are or what you do, Joint Ventures are a natural fit for women, from the boardroom, classroom or kitchen.

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