Survival Tips

Survival Tips
On a recent DollarMakers Women’s Club conference call one of our members spoke about 2011 being a time of turbulence. She said that we would see a lot of changes happening and that old paradigms won’t work any longer. Our caller continued that there will be a lot of new opportunities and ended by saying “It’s not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it”.

I wrote the above introduction before the Earthquake in Japan!

Here’s an insert from a letter from Anne as she wrote to family and friends from Japan: “Somehow at this time I realize from direct experience that there is indeed an enormous cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all over the world right at this moment. And somehow as I experience the events happening now in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide. My brother asked me if I felt so small because of all that is happening. I don’t. Rather, I feel a part of something happening that is much larger than myself. This wave of birthing (worldwide) is hard, and yet magnificent.”

We have already seen many changes, and now is the time to prepare and be ready for the new opportunities coming our way.

Spread and diversify your income sources, removing risk, and dramatically reducing overheads.

2.Joint Ventures
Set up Joint Ventures to enable you to benefit financially from the products and services of numerous other businesses across different industries, in different geographical areas and time zones, with no cost or risk.

3.Social Media
The Internet and Social Media have become a huge force in the world, and Joint Ventures allow us to utilize the Internet and Social Media to benefit financially. For example, this new Joint Venture Training program, the best produced so far, allows us to reach into almost any part of the world where people wish to secure their financial future. The distribution and dissemination of useful, practical information via ebooks, Blogs, ezines, and websites is a huge benefit to business – IF they are used effectively.

Joint Ventures are based on reciprocity, and you have to set your deals up carefully in advance to make sure your Joint Venture partners DO reciprocate. If you think that you can believe what every business owner tells you, you’re living in a dream world. Some will promise you anything to get access to your database and they never intend reciprocating, as we have experienced with some very well-known businessmen and women.

Joint Ventures thrive on barter, and this allows you to become very creative indeed as you adjust to this changing world.

Joint Ventures are the Swiss Army Knife on Steroids to business owners. It’s time to sharpen your proverbial axe. Success occurs when when preparation meets opportunity.

Be Prepared

From the desk of Rika ElliottClub News Robin and I are in Cuba this week celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. The beauty of Joint Ventures is that we can be away romping in the waves and our wonderful Members, Team, and Partners will continue the work that is so important for us all as Joint…

You’re Gonna Miss This

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International Women’s Day

Women across the world celebrated the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day this past week. It was with great interest that I read an article written by Irena Pochop in the local Tri-city News. She is with theTri-City Transitions Society (formerly Tri-City Women’s Resource Society). She wrote in her article on Wednesday March 9, 2011…

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

After the bitter cold snap in Vancouver there is a feeling that Spring is on it’s way.We have a number of events coming up in the next couple of months that I would like to draw your attention to. Important dates Next conference call March 16 Evening seminar coming up in Burnaby March 22 Vancouver…

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